Packet Engines "Hamachi" gigabit ethernet card

Felix Rauch rauch at
Wed Apr 24 03:46:38 EDT 2002

On Tue, 23 Apr 2002, Steven Timm wrote:
> Does anyone have a Hamachi gigabit ethernet card that is
> working under any kind of a 2.4 kernel at all?  If so, what did
> it take to make it work?  With all the various drivers we have
> tried including the latest available, we get the error
> message "too much work at interrupt" and no traffic through the card.

We use the Hamachi GNIC-II cards on 2.4.3 kernels without any problems.

We currently use the driver compiled as a module. Here's some more
information which might be relevant for you:

Apr  6 13:36:39 c1 kernel: hamachi.c:v1.01 5/16/2000  Written by Donald Becker
Apr  6 13:36:39 c1 kernel: eth1: Hamachi GNIC-II type 10911 at 0xe081d000, 00:e0:b1:04:16:cb, IRQ 20.
Apr  6 13:36:39 c1 kernel: eth1:  64-bit 33 Mhz PCI bus (60), Virtual Jumpers 30, LPA 0000.

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