Intel releases C++/Fortran suite V 6.0 for Linux

Daniel Pfenniger daniel.pfenniger at
Wed Apr 24 05:51:28 EDT 2002

Bjorn Tore Sund wrote:

> I've been wanting to test these out, both in the previous versions
> and this, but as long as Intel are only releasing them as RedHat
> rpms, they are fundamentally useless on a SuSE system.  Or at least
> a lot of hassle to install.  Anyone know if Intel are going to come
> to their senses and start releasing tarballs, or am I going to have
> to go through that hassle?
> Bjørn

At least on Mandrake 8.2 no particular problem occured.
The installation just detect which kernel and glibc versions
are there and install using rpm the files (by default, but modifiable,
  in /opt/intel/)
The installation script warns that on a non RedHat distribution
the compilers have not been tested, etc..
There is also an uninstall script that use rpm too.

On Intel based computers the compilers are sufficiently interesting
in boosting performance (sometimes by over 100% w.r.t. gcc/g77) to
invest perhaps 30min for their installation and preliminary testing.
The remaining "hassle" is perhaps to extend the PATH and LD_LIBRARY
variables, or add a line in /etc/ + run ldconfig


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