/. US DOE gets a $24.5 Million Linux Supercomputer

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Wed Apr 17 11:14:39 EDT 2002


An anonymous reader wrote in to say "Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 
(US DOE) signed a $24.5 million dollar contract with HP for a Linux 
supercomputer. This will be one of the top ten fastest computers in the 
world. Some cool features: 8.3 Trillion Floating Point Operations per 
Second, 1.8 Terabytes of RAM, 170 Terabytes of disk, (including a 53 TB 
SAN), and 1400 Intel McKinley and Madison Processors. Nice quote: 'Today’s 
announcement shows how HP has worked to help accelerate the shift from 
proprietary platforms to open architectures, which provide increased 
scalability, speed and functionality at a lower cost,' said Rich DeMillo, 
vice president and chief technology officer at HP. Read Details of the 
announcement here or here."

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