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Fri Apr 12 11:55:02 EDT 2002

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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 17:34:47 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Giuseppe Ciaccio <ciaccio at disi.unige.it>
To: GAMMA mailing list <gamma_sw at lists.dsi.uniroma1.it>
Subject: [gamma_sw] New release of GAMMA available

A wonderful, new release of GAMMA is available for download:

	http://www.disi.unige.it/project/gamma,  section "How to install"

Main features:

A driver for the Netgear GA621/GA622 Gigabit Ethernet adapter is now
provided.  The driver has been excellently implemented by Marco Ehlert
(mehlert at cs.uni-potsdam.de), with support of prof. Bettina Schnor
(schnor at cs.uni-potsdam.de) and in cooperation with myself (supported
by prof. Schnor during a nice stage at Potsdam).  I thank Marco and
Bettina very much for this beautiful experience.

The driver has been tested on a 16-nodes cluster using the GA621 adapters.
We still miss tests on the GA622 (which should be backward-compatible).

Performance numbers are impressive.
The Potsdam testbed was a pair of back-to-back connected PCs, each with
	CPU Intel Pentium III 1 GHz
	motherboard: SuperMicro 370DE6 (chipset: ServerSet III HE-SL)
	133 MHz FSB
	PCI bus 66 MHz, 64 bit
	Netgear GA621 adapter, dedicated to GAMMA
	Linux 2.4.16 + GAMMA

On such a testbed, Marco got the following numbers:

MTU size	Latency (usec)		Throughput (MByte/s)
1500		8.5			118.5
4116		8.5			122

Minor changes to the GAMMA user API: the family of set_port() routines
has been slightly rearranged.  This has implications on MPI/GAMMA, a
new release of which is also available for download:
Older versions of MPI/GAMMA will no longer compile under the current
version of GAMMA.

Documentation has been updated.

The mysterious lock-up problems reported by someone on this mailing list
might have been caused by the use of gcc 2.96.  Still investigating...but
I'm not yet able to reproduce the bug here (because I don't use gcc 2.96 ?).


Giuseppe Ciaccio               http://www.disi.unige.it/person/CiaccioG/
DISI - Universita' di Genova   via Dodecaneso 35   16146 Genova,   Italy
phone +39 10 353 6638          fax +39 010 3536699 ciaccio at disi.unige.it

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