very high bandwidth, low latency manner?

Iwao Makino rickey-co at
Thu Apr 11 18:38:24 EDT 2002

AFAIK, it's 'BESTBUY' for 16node per node cost.
@$3,500 is good guess for 16nodes including software licensing and
hardware(switch, card and cables). Actually for 16 nodes costs litttle less.

But for 64/128 is about that range.  And for larger...
256/512/1024 and beyond, general idea of $5,000/node.

These are their offering price so I assume some volume discounts are applied
for larger scales.

And yes, not only from Compaq we should be able to purchase, but haven't got
that details answered.

At 13:26 -0600 11.04.2002, Craig Tierney wrote:
>I talked to a guy at SC2002 from Quadrics and he said
>that list pricing on a Quadrics network was about $3500
>per node when you are in the 100s of nodes and up.
>The price includes the cards, cables, switches,
>etc.  This doesn't include any sort of discount that you
>might get.  Myrinet is about $2000 for an equivelent
>network at list price.   Dolphin/SCI falls around $2245 list
>per node (if the system is > 144 nodes and you have to get
>the 3d card).

Dolphin/SCI for smaller nodes(<144?) is from $1,695 and
larger with 3D chain from $2,245 list.
I haven't tested this new 3D version yet.

>I heard that Quadrics had a customer that just had to have
>an Intel/Quadrics system so either they or he was working
>on porting the drivers.   The web page says they support
>Linux and Tru64.  You could probably get the hardware without
>going through Compaq, but Compaq is most likely buying up
>most of the supply.

I know they works on ServerWorks HE and i860 Xeon, also they are
working on Plumas and GC-LE.


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