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I'd also note that in my latest pc-connection catalog... 1.1ghz celerons 
with 128MB of ram and 20GB drives and nics from compaq are $499. Myself I 
prefer to build them rather than use srinkwrap pc's but passable boxes 
with warranties are out there...


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> > Microsoft's Xbox packages a 733 MHz Pentium III, 64 megabytes of memory,
> > a DVD drive, 100 Mbps Ethernet, and an 8-gigabyte hard disk for about
> > $300.  This would make it a reasonably powerful cluster node with an
> > excellent price/performance ratio.  Of course, the thing runs a
> > slimmed-down variant of Windows 2000 instead of Linux, but has anyone
> > discussed making an Xbox cluster?
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> > Sincerely,
> > Josip
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> I remember people speculating in a similar way re. the Dreamcast. (I did.)
> In practice I doubt that a game console will ever be a better bet for
> clustering than a PC. Firstly, most of the transistor budget goes into the
> 3D card, where it's efectively useless for us. Secondly, PC's track the
> price of cpu's, etc, much more quickly than consoles. If a console was
> *really* heavily subsidised by its maker - consoles usually are subsidised
> at luanch time - it could start cheaper than the PC. But in a few months it
> would have lost this price advantage.
> - Jonathan Coupe
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