about SCSI HD & F90

XianFeng Ye xfye at mail.ustc.edu.cn
Tue Nov 27 21:15:47 EST 2001

> I  am using Scyld Beowulf 27bz-8. I boot  a node that
> has SCSI hard driver to a master that has IDE hard
> driver. After the node  was  set  up to "boot"
> state I received  the  following message in the log
> file :  "/dev/hda: No such device".   Yes, it is

Maybe you can do as this:
	ln -sf /hda/sda /dev/hda

> > FORTRAN90 compiler.  Can anyone on the list recommend which are better
> for
> > Linux (Redhat 7.2) using mpich ( ?
Maybe pgfortran can do this.
I am puzzled a lot when I compile a f77 program with pgf77(3.2) and
g77(2.95) that pgf77's ability can't surpass g77? Can someone comment
something on this?

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