Beowwulf Status Monitor on Scyld

german kogan gkogan at
Sun Nov 11 23:48:41 EST 2001

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, Sean Dilda wrote:

> On Sun, 11 Nov 2001, german kogan wrote:
> >
> > I brought some of my slave nodes up. But in the Memory section for some of
> > them it says 181/251MB (72%). Does this mean that 181 MB of memory are
> > being used for something or that 181MB are free?
> It means that 181M out of 251M are used, and that's approximately 72% of
> the RAM.  When looking at this number, its important to remember that
> the 181M is the RAM being used by processes on the system, as well as
> any memory the kernel is using for buffers and cache (such as it uses
> with filesystems to speed up repeated accesses).

But it seems that too much RAM is being ussed up. All I have done was boot
up the slave nodes, and have not run anything on them. Or is this normal?

Also, another question is about mpi. I have ran a simple test code on
the cluster, and some processes seem to run on the master node. What do I
have to do to prevent this from happening? So that the processes only run on
the slave nodes.


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