MPI/Beowulf vs. SM Programming/OpenMP

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I guess my post wasn't clear enough.  

I am working with a software vendor.  They need to launch several different
programs that interact through MPI.  You can do this in PVM, you can do this
with LAM/MPI, but you can't do this with MPIch.  Or I should say, I don't
think it can be done with MPIch.  The folks at this company looked into the
matter and independently reached the same conclustion.

As I see it, with MPIch, I must have everything in a single program.  Yes,
the programs can execite readically different pathways so in most cases,
this doesn't restrict the algorithms I can work with.  There are other
engineering issues, however, that sometimes force  me to run completely
different programs that cooperate through MPI.  This is the situation the
un-named software vendor is faced with.

So that is is what I meant by my general Multiple Program Multiple Data (or
MPMD) comment.

Does this make sense?  Did I get something wrong and it is indeed the case
that MPIch can handle this situation?  I'd love to be wrong as it would make
my life simpler if I could do everything with only one version of MPI.


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| A general MPMD algorithm with lots of assynchronous events would be hard
| do with OpenMP.  (actually, it can be hard with MPIch as well, but then
| can go with MPI-LAM or PVM).

Hi Tim,

I am curious as to what you are referring to with regard to MPICH.  


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