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> Even if you stay on a x86 32-bit platform, you have the "portability"
> problem of > 4gig files, which sometimes makes you have to modify your
> code. Even if all the system routines and the Fortran runtime use LFS
> calls, you'll still have some places to hack in your C code.
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Exactly.  There was recently a discussion on this list about keeping a
registry of Beowulf clusters, and I would include porting costs in that

>From the standpoint of utilizing a Linux based Beowulf in a production
business environment (like for transactions processing or stress analysis),
this cost is very much a reality.  It's important for our
directors/administrators/venture capitalists to understand how we are going
to deal with the "incremental costs" of our clusters.  

Keeping track of the time to recompile our code (as effortless as it may
be), and comparing that with, say upgrading nodes with Windows NT is
something your boss will appreciate.  The time it takes for Intel to stop
producing the I32 architectures is your timeline to work with when
establishing a porting cost per unit of time.

Peter Dell touched on this in a recent paper . . . 

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