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Thu Jun 21 07:30:11 EDT 2001

Hello,everyone.I have construct a set of Beowulf system.But the task of 
channel bonding  can not be solved.My system is:
	one frontend node used as gateway,four computing nodes.I used three intel 
EEPro100 NIC cards in frontend and each computing  nodes ,and one extra NE2000 PCI on 
frontend to connect with internet.I use one Intel 460T swither(16 ports).And I want 
to bong every three NIC cards to archive a better performance.So I use the 
"ifenslave".I write the ifcfg-bond0 and ifcfg-eth0~2 scripts.And "ifconfig" can find 
the "bond0" device.But I find that there is a very bad performance existed(about 
100B/s).And I archive  4MB/s if I use only one NIC in each machine.
	My IP :
	Frontend: in
	Computing node:
 	So,can someone tell me what is wrong:Can the Intel 460T support channel 
bonding ?Does using channel bonding mean use more than one swither?

	Thanks a lot.
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