Dual Athlon progress. (fwd)

Eugene Leitl Eugene.Leitl at lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Fri Jun 15 09:46:14 EDT 2001

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Date: 15 Jun 2001 07:14:31 -0600
From: Eric W. Biederman <ebiederman at lnxi.com>
To: LinuxBIOS <linuxbios at lanl.gov>
Subject: Dual Athlon progress.

I've been working on reading all of the appropriate values
from SPD on the Dual Athlon board.

I'm almost done.  I have code to set the all of the interesting timing
registers especially CAS latency to their optimal value legal value
with SPD written, and tested.

I currently have 3 more kinds of information to read from SPD but they
are trivial.  After I get some sleep I'll finish them off.

The only interesting thing I have left off is zeroing ECC SDRAM,
and making certain if I have 4GB of ram installed I have some address
space left over for hardware devices.

So I'm just a touch behind of my goal of friday to start committing
but not by much.  Anyway in the next couple of days I'll have the
full ram initialization behind me, and I can fix the rest of the bugs.

Right now I'm going to go to bed and go to sleep though.


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