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Tue Jun 12 19:51:38 EDT 2001

The stock cooler that comes with the boxed 1.3ghz athlons works ok, it's
not overly large but it's a little tall for boards in 1u boxes... I

mini copper orbs (25mm) or the hp-agilent articooler/ca  ought to clear
for about $20 ea...

the thermal properties of the low-profile articooler are well documented
(it's hp)

for a pdf:

supermicro has be providing heatsinks fitted to their board/rackmount case
combo's and we've been using those with a great deal of success with dual
1ghz pIII's


On Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Sam Pottle wrote:

> Okay, here's the plan.  You guys can keep talking about liquid-cooled
> systems; I'll distract him with a "real" question:
> 	Speaking of heatsinks, what are people using these days on
> 	their Beowulf nodes?  The cheap stock Intel coolers work fine
> 	on the last thing I bought (866 MHz PIII's), but the trend
> 	toward higher power is clear -- I don't expect they'll cut it
> 	on a 1.3 GHz Athlon.  I've seen various "cooler roundups" on
> 	the hardware review sites, but they lack two things I want:
> 	pricing information, for our beloved price/performance
> 	tradeoffs; and a sense of what constitutes "good enough"
> 	cooling for a given processor.  Of course, the latter depends
> 	on a lot of variables.  Dedicated clusters often have the
> 	advantage of a well cooled room to live in, and the disadvantage
> 	of exercising their CPU's harder than the average home user
> 	ever does.
> 	So, I'd be interested to hear what other clusterers are using
> 	for cooling.  As usual, I'm reluctant to spend $10 (or $20, or
> 	$30) more per node than I have to.
> 					Sam Pottle
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