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Wed Jun 6 04:22:06 EDT 2001

hi ya

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Eddie Lehman wrote:

> I ran across this on one of the shopping sites I monitor and thought it
> might be interesting for anyone shopping for nodes.
> Gateway is selling  the 6400 Server for $500!! The specs speak for itself:

lets se...mb, cpu, mem, disk, fd, cd, case

in single quantity...off the shelf....
( guess the trick is which motherboard ...gateway unique or generic mb ???

and if gateway is giving a $400 instent credit.... hummm
anybody can match that too with their excess inventory stock on hand
just to get rid of the items

but...gate buys 100,000 pieces or more each "order" from

	> Official Product Features & Specs
$215	> Pentium III 933MHz
	> Supports up to Two Pentium III Processors
	> 133MHz Front Side Bus
	> Supports 64bit PCI I/O technology
	> Error Checking and Correcting (ECC) Memory system

$ 40	> 128MB SDRAM Supports up to 2GB PC133 SDRAM DIMM memory (4 DIMMsockets)

$140	> 9GB 7200RPM SCSI Hard Drive

== which motherboard ???
$350??	> ServerWorksT III LE Server Chipset
	> Integrated Intel PCI 10/100 Twisted Pair Ethernet
	> Integrated PCI Graphics with 4MB memory

$ 30	> 20X/48X IDE CD-ROM drive
	> Integrated Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI
	> Integrated dual-channel bus-mastering PCI IDE interface

$18	> 1.44-MB 3.5" floppy drive; integrated controller supports a 1.44-MBdevice

$40	> Seven PCI expansion slots - two 64bit and five 32bit
	> Nine Drive Bays: five internal 3.5", three external 5.25", one external 3.5"
	> floppy
	> Easy-Access Chassis provides tool-free, unobstructed access to key system
	> components, simplifying maintenance and upgrades
	> Two 9-pin 16550-compatible FIFO serial ports; one bi-directional
	> ECP parallel port; one mouse and one keyboard port; two USB ports
	> Phoenix Upgradable Flash BIOS
	> 300W Power Supply

nah... not a good deal .... unless its a standard Asus/supermicro
motehrboard ...  keep in mind that the onboard scsi must be linux
compatible and performs accordingly...

c ya

> To get the $500 price:
> Click here and then click on the "customize it" option.
> Under System Promotion pick "Option 1: $400 instant credit"
> Under Warranty pick "3 year parts & labor w/ 1 year onsite service"
> Lastly, click on update price and you'll get the server for $500!
> Please note that it does not have an AGP slot so just put in a high-end PCI
> video card if you really need to play games. Install Win2k & a monitor and
> you can use it as a regular power desktop. This is a hot deal as you can't
> get this much hardware for the money. The Serverworks chipset motherboard
> costs $500 alone. Thanks Mahoney.

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