NFS question

Christoph Wasshuber wasshub at
Fri Jul 13 08:19:54 EDT 2001

I have a fundamental NFS question. Assume
that we have three computers, X, HEAD, NODE1.

	X ----- HEAD ----- NODE1

      /vol      /mnt/v1    /mnt/v2

X     is some computer on a larger network
HEAD  is also member of this larger network and
      knows about X and NODE1
NODE1 is one of my beowulf nodes and does not
      know anything about the larger network.

NODE1 does not know anything about X and X likewise
does not know anything about NODE1. The HEAD knows
both X and NODE1.

Assume further that X exported his /vol directory
and HEAD has mounted it on /mnt/v1. Everything is
fine and working well. HEAD can access X:/vol by
looking into /mnt/v1

Now my question:
Can NODE1 mount HEAD:/mnt/v1 so that NODE1 can
access X:/vol by looking into his /mnt/v2?

In other words can one mount a mounted directory?

I would be very glad if somebody could enlighten
me on this issue, because I have tried it and
it does not work. But maybe I am doing something


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