Scyld and 20 gig Fireball

Ken lowther at
Thu Jan 25 22:32:09 EST 2001

I can't get Scyld to boot on some new Gateway computers.  I'm a little
in the dark about specifics because the bios seems to be locked out even
to the system administrator.  I've been able to install RH7 and Mandrake
7.2.  I thought about trying to do package upgrades but there just seems
to be too many dependency problems.  I have the hard drive partitioned. 
It detects the partitions and goes through auto run for detecting raids.

Then I get:

invalid seession number or type of track
Kernel panic:  FVS:  Unable to mount root fs 03:01

If I use loadlin and and add root=/dev/hda5  I get all  sorts of what
appear to be hard disk related errors.

These systems seem a little flakey in other ways.  It has only once
booted the Scyld cd.  I've been trying auto boot and loadlin from dos. 
RH and Mandrake disks boot which suprised the SA.  He had disks that
wouldn't boot.

But, if I can get the things working, I have 20 p3 866's to play with. 
At worst I may have to use a master in another room and beg the powers
that be to put it on the same switch as the other units and run them


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