EtherExpressPro & linux-2.2.14

Jeff Candy jcandy1 at
Thu Jan 25 00:01:06 EST 2001


> >2.2.15 had a much-revised eepro100 driver.
> >
> >I am hopeful that using, say, 2.2.18 will cure your problem.


> FWIW, and I don't really have anything but anecdotal evidence to support
> this, as the web page at seems to have disappeared, but replacing
> eepro100's seems to be the only fix. 

Fair enough, but I had the annoying "transmit timed out" error with 
2.2.14 and eepro100.o as well.  An upgrade to 2.2.17 made it go away.  

Other than that, we've had no significant problems with eepro on 
our 18 (circa 1999) and 46 (circa 2000) node clusters. 

Of course, your own mileage may vary.



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