Myrinet vs. Dolphin

Sergiusz Jarczyk sjarczyk at
Wed Jan 24 11:28:29 EST 2001

As I can tell, basing on my experience with 32-nodes cluster, Dolphin SCI
solution works very well, and it has great software from SCALI, called
Scali Software Platform. 
I'm not sure what pros have 66 MHz instead 33 MHz PCI bus (in this
case), and how Myrinet play with 32 and more nodes, but I can say you can
trust all benchmarks you find at:
Price for complete Wulfkit is USD 1 695 (this including card, 4 1m cables
and software), so for 32-nodes installation you have to pay USD 54 240
(and additional costs for longer cables if you want to interconnect nodes
with Torus topology).


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