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On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Vinayak Dukle wrote:

> Hello !!
> I am a novice in this clustered world.
> I would like to know how one can make use of software for some specific
> applications like weather modelling, nuclear simulations which justifies
> requirement of a beowulf. Any sites where working prototypes are there
> for download ??
>  Also, how can an end-user take advantage of PVM or MPI
> libraries to parallelize my code on a beowulf cluster ? Any help present
> on the net ?
>  Actually, writing parallelized code is an alien concept to me and i would
> be more than happy if someone could just let me know where i can get some
> samples of such code ?
> Any suggestions would be most welcome!!

I just answered most of your second question an hour or two ago -- check
the list archives at the URI below.  Others submitted partial answers to
the question of MPI and/or PVM examples -- both distributions typically
have sample applications included.  To add to that, there are also some
excellent and relatively inexpensive books available at Amazon or Barnes
and Noble on both PVM and MPI.

I actually don't know of sites that have downloadable source for large
scale "heavy duty" parallel apps like weather modeling or nuclear
simulation, and think that this is a great questions.  Are there any out

It might be nice to get a list of such sites/applications (if any exist)
linked to e.g. the beowulf underground site.  I just did a quick search
of its open software index and didn't turn anything quite like this up,
although there is a molecular dynamics program and some other tasty
stuff.  So I'd suggest/request that anyone with e.g. gravitational
dynamics, CFD, or whatever in the "large scale" regime who doesn't mind
offering up their research code to consider posting a link to the
underground, especially if the code is wrapped up well enough to be
buildable and runnable by a novice.


> Regards
> Vinayak
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