Does it show that my cluster runs perfectly?

Sean Dilda agrajag at
Wed Aug 29 16:34:10 EDT 2001

On Thu, 30 Aug 2001, ×Þ ¹âÏÈ wrote:

> performance.for example,i have 2 nodes with PIII 933 (1 master node and 1 
> slave node),2*1G=2G the N can be 10000(if i let N=12000 or 
> N=15000,it will cause error :(  ).i am sure the net is beyond the request 
> in this test.finally,the linpack output such result:
>   T/V       N      NB  P  Q   Time    Gflops
>   w11c2c4  10000   60  1  2   725.99  9.205e-1
>   in the abstract,the cluster can reach 0.933*2=1.866Gflops( i am not sure 
> whether it can be calculated in this way).it seems that the cluster works 

Are you thinking each node can to 0.933 Gflop just because they are 933
processors?  If so, you are misusing the  number.  933 is the MHz rating
that the processor runs at.  That does not mean that the processor can
do 933 Gflop.
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