what is the problem with linpack ?beowulf or mpi?

邹 光先 zouguangxian at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 27 21:22:05 EDT 2001

first,thanks for your help.:)
now ,when i try to execute the larger size benchmark.i got some error.:(
which will cause the following error:
1.found a dead connection while look for messages 7
2.beostat_reg:beostat_lib.c:100 connection failed connection refused
3.rm_1_12_11065:p4_error:net_recv read:probable Eof on socket 1
if i calculate small matrix,such as 5000 on 16 nodes.it can work correctly.
but when i set the N=40000(16G Memory) ,and let it work on 16 nodes.i will 
receive some error message and then i can not continue to compute.:(i am a 
beginner,i need your help.:)
following is the main parameter:
HPL.out      output file name (if any)
6            device out (6=stdout,7=stderr,file)
1            # of problems sizes (N)
40000        Ns
2            # of NBs
88 88        NBs
1            # of process grids (P x Q)
4            Ps
4            Qs
16.0         threshold
1            # of panel fact
1            PFACTs (0=left, 1=Crout, 2=Right)
1            # of recursive stopping criterium
4            NBMINs (>= 1)
1            # of panels in recursion
2            NDIVs
1            # of recursive panel fact.
1            RFACTs (0=left, 1=Crout, 2=Right)
1            # of broadcast
1            BCASTs (0=1rg,1=1rM,2=2rg,3=2rM,4=Lng,5=LnM)
1            # of lookahead depth
1            DEPTHs (>=0)
2            SWAP (0=bin-exch,1=long,2=mix)
88           swapping threshold
0            L1 in (0=transposed,1=no-transposed) form
0            U  in (0=transposed,1=no-transposed) form
1            Equilibration (0=no,1=yes)
8            memory alignment in double (> 0)

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