clanview: no response

Zhifeng F. Chen mlrecv at
Fri Aug 17 15:04:56 EDT 2001


    I'm trying to make cLAN work on my machines. I've succeeded in running
it on the machine with RH70 2.2.16-22smp using cLAN's rpm binary package.
    However, when I tried to compile the driver out of the source code, the
compiled driver doesn't work at all.
    In RH71, I patched it with Scott's patch file. Compiling ran smoothly.
After make; make install; ldconfig; depmod -a; etc and reboot.
    clanview reports:
	no response
    The console shows repeatedly:
	clanmgr[263]: Debug message: SendCtlPkt: VipSendWait failed  status=0x0
	clanmgr[263]: Internal error (clstinit): VIA layer error 2 (4) from
	clanmgr[263]: SwitchControlLoop() tick processing has not run for 60094
    After /etc/init.d/clan stop; /etc/init.d/clan start, it shows:
	clan1k: RX async interrupt: vi 0, error 010000

    By any chance, someone encountered the same situation, could you tell me
what's wrong and how to fix it?


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