Network RAM for Beowulf

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On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 02:34:31AM -0700, Amber Palekar wrote (wyy sez):

>    we as a group of four students are *also* thinking
> of implementing Network RAM for a beowulf cluster
> (assuming 100Mbps Ethernet ) whereby each node in the
> cluster will donate some part of their RAM to be used
> by all other we will basically be mapping
> this shared RAM to the address space of the current
> node.One of the uses that we're thinking of is for
> Journaling(as in file systems ).We'll be maintaining
> the journals on the Network RAM instead of writing
> them to the local disks.As we are completely new to
> this , it is very difficult for us to determine the
> statistics like :- the overhead in writing to Network
> RAM . Any info or pointers to these stats would be
> highly appreciated .

sounds like a very good project. but, i have heard of projects
that are trying to do distributed shared memory. i think the mosix
people have something going on

but, in anycase, i would also like know about this. i am interested
in using a system with distributed shared memory. 

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