SMP Kernel for Scyld?

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Thanks Sean. 
Next question, my nodes boot from floppies (they have W2k loads for quick
deployment spares). I was able to rpm the SMP kernel on the master. How do I
go about pointing the 2nd part of 2kernelmonte to the new SMP kernel
(beosmp) instead of beobeoboot? TIA

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If you look on the CD, there should be an RPM for an smp kernel on
there.  The filename should be kernel-smp-2.2.17-33.beo.i686.rpm.  This
kernel can then be installed using
'rpm -ihv kernel-smp-2.2.17-33.beo.i686.rpm'

After this, you will want to boot into the SMP kernel.  In order to do
this, you have to modify your /etc/lilo.conf file.  In that file should
be a section that looks like:


Below that, you'll want to add a section that looks like (with the root=
made to match what is already in your lilo.conf):


Above that is a line that says 'default=linux'  you will want to change
that to 'default=smp' so that it will boot the SMP kernel by default.

If your master node has SCSI, then the stanza with the label of 'linux'
may have included a line that looks like:

If that is the case, then you will want to run the command:
mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.2.17-33.beosmp.img 2.2.17-33.beosmp

then add the following line to the stanza with the label of 'smp':

Save the file, then run '/sbin/lilo' so that the changes will take
affect.  Now reboot your system and it should boot into SMP mode.  Now
you have to go into beosetup, go to the file menu and click the option
to recreate the beoboot file.  This will recreate the second stage boot
image with the SMP kernel.  Once that is done, you should be able to
boot your nodes and they will boot with the SMP kernel and use all the
processors that are found.

FYI, if the the master node is an SMP box, the SMP kernel will
automatically be setup during the install process.

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