Debian vs RedHat config question.

Adam Lazur laz at
Mon Apr 23 12:47:53 EDT 2001

Carpenter, Dean (Dean.Carpenter at said:
> Rick Niles - I just remembered, Progeny ( is a Debian
> based distro, and supposedly very nice install-wise and desktop wise.  Much
> more so than raw Debian.  I'll bet they would be willing to help you package
> up the BProc/Scyld stuff, and probably quicker than the Debian effort too.

Progeny is always interested in assisting vendors who wish to port their
software to run on Debian GNU/Linux and/or Progeny Debian. I (or more
likely, one of the biz types) would be willing to discuss collaboration
with Scyld on getting the Beowulf2 software running on Debian.

Rob Latham (of Paralogic) and I have been discussing this as a side
project since the official Beowulf2 release back in January. IMO, It
would be very cool to couple the power of the Debian distribution with
the features that Beowulf2 provides for easy cluster management.

Adam Lazur, NOW Monkey <laz at>

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