Scyld & Ramdisk

Jag agrajag at
Thu Apr 19 22:06:58 EDT 2001

On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, David Vos wrote:

> Also, just a side note: Why doesn't the default kernel of Scyld include
> Ramdisk support?  I couldn't boot my nodes until I recompiled the kernel.  
> After that, how do you install bproc via rpm?  If I just reinstalled the
> rpms via 'rpm -Uvh --force', then I got error messages when trying to run
> bpsh (and others).  I had to download the tar file and install that.

The Scyld kernel /does/ include ramdisk support.  What are the problems
you were getting with booting the slave nodes?

The errors you got later on with bpsh are most likely due to you not
including the BProc patches in the kernel you compiled.

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