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Thu Apr 12 04:32:42 EDT 2001

Well im also interested in a distributed compiler for scyld. 
Since a part of my masters degree kind of needs one. So have
any done a port of gmake to use rfork's instead of forks (yeah i know
thats too simplified).

I have been running a few tests with mosix and their MPmake that was
developed together with EMC. 

The setup was 1-10 Machines running a mosix patched Redhat 6.2
installation. The sourcetree was placed on a NFS volume that the
head node shared with the rest of the nodes. All computers had
Pentium III 500 processors, 128MB ram and they were interconnected by 
FastEtherenet, through a Cisco switch.

Number of	  time		Did they fill the
computers	minutes		head's NIC
1		5.58		no
3		2.59		no
5		3.30		yes
7		3.10		yes
9		2.30		yes
If anyone have any ideas on why the numbers are so irregular, 
i would like to hear your theories.

I did run the test several times and these are the median values.

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