Announcing: Simple queuing system on Scyld

Thomas Clausen tclausen at
Wed Apr 11 16:37:35 EDT 2001

Dear all,

I have been working on a simple system for submitting jobs to a job queue on
the Scyld distribution.

It is written in perl, and consists of a server running on the master:
beoqserver. The server collects information via bpstat - there are no other
dependencies. No demons on the nodes.

Jobs are submitted with the beorunq command. It takes no options; just waits
for a node to become free and then runs. There is a script mechanism for
running many jobs via a single beorunq command. Communication is via two
sockets created in /tmp/

This is a very early version and there are issues with stability of the
server. Patches are welcome :-)

To use, do:

1. 'tar zxvf beoqueue.tar.gz'
2. 'mkdir /var/beoqueue' (for log file and job list)
3. 'chmod a+rwx /var/beoqueue'
4. run 'beoqserver' - no need to be root to do this
5. submit jobs with 'beorunq'

There are a few other useful programs included in the package.

The package is available at

It is only 4kb. If there is any interest, I will set up a proper home page
and we can take it from there.

Cheers, Thomas

   .^.    Thomas Clausen, graduate student
   /V\    Physics Department, Wesleyan University, CT
  // \\   Tel 860-685-2018, fax 860-685-2031
 /(   )\  
  ^^-^^   Use Linux

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