Scyld and truble with the nodes

Bill Northrup bill at
Mon Apr 9 17:33:10 EDT 2001

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forgive me it comes across M$ up..

Hi Cesar,

1) Not to sure if you are using 2 nics in the master, reason being is
that IMHO Scyld really wants two nics. One being connected to the
outside world and the other dedicated to the cluster. You can alias and
configure around it, I have, but it didn't seem to like that solution
(could be me!!). Never bothered to beat my head on it and added a second
nic. Be careful with hard coding the cluster bound IP address, the Beo
program really wants to have it's way with it. Change it with the
additional  properties in the beosetup program. Leaving it alone seems
to work the best. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and findings,
could be me again.

2) Run tcpdump on the master and see if you can see the RARP, maybe a
physical problem like a cable or nic..

Hope this helps!


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> On Mon, 09 Apr 2001, Cesar Delgado wrote:
> > I got my hands on a copy of Scyld and am intaling it to try it out
in my
> test cluster(2 computers hocked up byt a cross-over cable).  I
installed the
> Master node no problem and I got it to run(I must say I am VERY
impressed by
> the tools that come with).  Now I try and boot the node from the
CD-Rom and
> it detects my PCI Network card no problem, I get
> "............................." all over my screen for about 5 - 10
> and then it gives me an error.  The error comes on my screen so fast I
> write it down.  The error has something to do with PCI devices and a
bucn of
> numbers.  I don't realy know how the RARP works so I can't realy say
what is
> the matter.  I can see the node in the BeoSetup and I put it in the
> "Configured Nodes" section of it while the node is still doing the
> ".............." thing.
> So far, so good.  Once you have the node in the 'Configured Nodes'
> you need to hit the 'Apply' button on the top left of the window.
> you do that, the slave node should continue to boot.  Also, make sure
> you're running beosetup as root and not a normal user.
> Jag
> The node is already in the "Configured Nodes" and I already hit the
> I am running BeoSetup as root.  What I get in the "Configured Nodes"
for the
> node under the "state" is 'master down' and my good friends the
> "............................" all over the screen of the node.
> Cesar Delgado
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