Shared Memory: Solaris vs. Linux

Mark Hahn hahn at
Fri Apr 6 12:56:07 EDT 2001

> I am reading some material on Shared Memory - it states, "In the Solaris
> 2.x operating system, the most efficient way to implement shared memory
> applications is to rely on the mmap() function and on the system's
> native virtual memory facility. Solaris 2.x also supports System V

well, once the memory is shared (mapped into all sharee's address spaces),
there's no efficiency issue.  but the mmap version (parent creates some 
anonymous mmaped space, which is inherited across fork) certainly doesn't
require the extra syscalls that sysv shm does.

> Question: I assume Linux has the same support - a version of mmap()?

sure.  you can use the mmap trick wherever you find mmap.

> Does Linux also support System V shared memory?

of course.

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