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Josip Loncaric josip at
Fri Apr 6 11:46:21 EDT 2001

"Nordwall, Douglas J" wrote:
> Perhaps I am misinformed here...but doesn't repartitioning and reformatting a
> disk find those bad blocks? Systemimager does a wipe of the disk locally, then
> performs an rsync to move oer the files.

Only if you could do 'mke2fs -c ...' but not by default.  However, since
'badblocks' is not included among the programs available to systemimager
(the mid-2000 version), you cannot specify the '-c' option.  Attempting
to bring in 'badblocks' from another Linux box fails because
systemimager uses different shared libraries.  Thus, you are forced to
install to unchecked disk.  Once the new system comes up you can run
'e2fsck -c ...' and see if anything needs to be fixed, but if you were
unlucky, this check might come too late.

BTW, while 'e2fsck -c ...' helps with filesystem partitions, I would not
use a disk with bad blocks in a swap partition.  Checking for that is
essential in my opinion.


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