What do you guys thing about the P4

Dr O. Parchment o.g.parchment at soton.ac.uk
Thu Apr 5 05:20:00 EDT 2001

We had a demo P4-1.4Ghz  box from a UK company www.compusys.co.uk
and ran some quick tests on a computational chemistry code gaussian94,
and an in-house CFD code comparing them to our Origin 2000 (R12K
alongside some NAS-serial  results.
We were very impressed with the results;
For gaussian94, it was a linux version we had compiled a few years
ago with f2c!!,  I just copied the binaries over and ran it
P4          635s
O2000   1125s
The CFD code was compiled with pgf77
P4           630s
O2000    780s
We are very keen to get our hands on the Intel's Linux compilers, has
anyone had any experience with them.
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