rebooting 370DLE

John Connett jrc at
Wed Apr 4 12:19:16 EDT 2001

I have been using a 370DL3 with a beta BIOS that announces itself as:

    03/17/2001   SUPER 370DL3/DLE Motherboard BIOS R1.31

on a "headless" system with a serial console.  My, admittedly limited,
experience with this version of the BIOS has shown no problems rebooting
using "shutdown -r now".

The BIOS display being repeatedly redrawn at 9600 doesn't look pretty
but is at least usable.  The only outstanding problem I have is
seeing/accessing the lilo prompt which, I'm guessing, is hidden by the
stream of asterisks emitted by the exiting BIOS.  This isn't an issue
for my application which only uses the one version of Linux.

However, the BIOS seems to take rather a long time to do its stuff and
disappear.  I would certainly be interested in any BIOS alternatives for
these boards (eg. LinuxBIOS; RedBoot; Open Firmware).  So far, I have
not seen any evidence that any are available.
John Connett (jrc at

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