Best price/performance for 8..16 port switches?

Phillip Matz matz at
Wed Sep 20 10:15:14 EDT 2000


I'm currently using the D-link DSS-16+ (16 port switch), mainly because it
was only US $359.  Is this a "good" switch?

I would be glad to test this switch's throughput abilities if you have a
favorite program (netpipe, etc.) from which you would like the numbers.  The
switch is connected to Netgear FA-310TX cards at Full-duplex - at least
that's what the switch indicates anyways...

So if you want the numbers just let me know what you'd like to see, or if
anyone else has the numbers could they please post/comment about this
particular cheap switch?

Phillip Matz

matz at

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Subject: Best price/performance for 8..16 port switches?

> I'd like to echo Greg's question in regards to the smaller switches,
> (which, since being consumer warez, ought have a better price/port
> rate than the biggies, anyway). All candidates should be able to
> tolerate 200 MBps (full duplex FastEthernet) on all ports without
> whimpering too much.
> (I'm writing my research proposal for an MD cluster, and would like to
> plug in real numbers into the estimate)
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