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Phil Carns pcarns at
Thu Sep 14 14:56:16 EDT 2000

> > 
> > Can anyone point me towards information how I can snapshot the entire
> > system state to hard drive, and have an option to restore it at boot
> > time?
> Is there any OS that can store the state on the H/d? I would've thought this would be incredibly 
> difficult, as you'd have to store everything including CPU registers, peripheral state, PCI/AGP/ISA 
> processor state (??) etc and then do a memory dump (writing to disk, thus altering the system state)... 
> sounds like something the hardware would have to do...
> > If Linux can't do that yet, are there plans for putting support for
> > suspend state into it?

There is an experimental linux kernel patch to do what you are looking
for.  It can be found at:

It seemed rather buggy last time I tried it, but looks like it has been
updated since then.


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