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Horatio B. Bogbindero wyy at cersa.admu.edu.ph
Wed Sep 13 22:44:25 EDT 2000

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000, Patrick Geoffray wrote:

> > hi geof, i am running a 8-node athlon cluster w/ 128MB a piece. my grid
> > sizes are (2*4) and (4*2) and the matrix size is 6000x6000.
> With 8*128MB, you should be able to go up to 10000*10000.
> > i use mpich from argonne v.1.2.0 w/ mpe.
> Do you also have Myrinet ? If you have Ethernet interconnects, I assume
> that you are using p4.
> What block size do you use ? With Atlas and Athlon, a good blocksize
> should be 32.
i am using full-duplexed 100mbps fast ethernet. and yes i am using p4. 
> To all of the Scalapack-beowulfers :
> ===================================
> If you have any questions about Scalapack and/or the Linpack benchmark,
> you can send them to scalapack at cs.utk.edu, you will get a fast and
> complete support.
thanks for the information. is there a mailing list for scalapack?
william.s.yu at ieee.org
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