ScaLAPACK RPMS available at Scyld FTP site

Robert G. Brown rgb at
Wed Sep 13 09:03:08 EDT 2000

On Tue, 12 Sep 2000, Rick Niles wrote:

> Since some people have had problems we have made our RPMS (and SRPMS)
> for ScaLAPACK, LAPACK, PBLAS, BLAS, PARPACK, and Atlas available on
> our FTP site.

This is great news, but I have a question.  Given that ATLAS by
definition tunes for CPU and memory microarchitecture (at least, and
thus will generally be different in a matrix for a PPro, PII, PIII,
Celeron, Athlon, Alpha (per MHz) as row identifiers and EDO, PC66,
PC100, PC133 (etc) as column identifiers) what is it prebuilt for?

>From numbers published and posted a properly tuned ATLAS can easily make
a factor of 2-3 difference in performance in linear algebra calls, and
is a lot cheaper than buying 2-3 times as many nodes:-)...

I ask because I need ATLAS (and of course the actual LA packages) for
all of the above to properly cover our base of installed systems.

> These packages will be included in our Beowulf 2 distribution we now
> preparing beta testing.  Please report any packaging problems with
> these packages. (e.g. link errors caused by missing functions or
> header files) The source tarballs for these packages were taken from
> 	Rick Niles
> 	Scyld Computing Corporation.
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