1 GFLOP / Parallel Input-Output Systems / AI

Sahil Rewari nesol at bol.net.in
Tue Sep 12 13:20:57 EDT 2000


Just wanted to know that in order to achieve 1 GFLOP what would the hardware requirements for a Linux cluster be?

I am about to begin on making my first cluster for research in mainly two fields which are parallel input / output systems and the further development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. 

I stay in Mumbai (INDIA) and am finding it difficult to get likeminded people to work on these projects. Linux in general is used by very few people here. The inadequate availability of service and support professionals and training for Linux probably is the cause to this. My entire research work is done with the availability of resources on the Internet and through other people working on such projects. Are there any other people working on similar projects? Please do write to me at  nesol at bol.net.in 

Any help / suggestions regarding the above will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

Sahil Rewari
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