Compile farm?

hanzl at hanzl at
Mon Oct 9 01:26:53 EDT 2000

>> Problem is - mosix migrates jobs after a while. Initially a compiler
>> takes up a few megabytes of memory, but "after a while" it has grown
>> to hundreds of megabytes. When mosix decides to migrate the compiler
>> it will spend a long time on the netowrk to move the large process
>> image.
>I've never used Mosix. Does it have the ability to set policies like
>"this binary should always be immediately migrated at exec" or "all
>processes should be migrated at exec"? You'd think it would... and
>using such policies would solve this particular problem.

I have one more question - is Mosix able to avoid multiple copying of
shared libraries (e.g. to do something like Scyld bproc does) ?

Or other way around, these hundreds of megabytes are shared librarier
which got mapped "after a while", or something else ?

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