CPU consumption under Alpha Linux

Cabaniols, Sebastien Sebastien.Cabaniols at compaq.com
Tue Oct 31 04:58:19 EST 2000


I am planning to measure the CPU consumption of  some MPI code.
I know I can use the getrusage C function but I don't have enough
granularity: tools such as top, vmstat are doing an average over one
second !

It is easy to measure time with a high precision using MPI_Wtime
as it is using (at least on the implementation I am using) the rpcc 
alpha assembler function and cost pretty much nothing with a very 
good precision (less than 10 nanoseconds) but then I don't have 
any ideas about the cpu consumption.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance 

Sébastien Cabaniols
Compaq Custom System

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