Scyld Preview and eepro100

Timothy Grant tjg at
Fri Oct 27 17:54:57 EDT 2000


Newbie question here, so forgive me in advance.

We have the Scyld Preview, and successfully installed it on a master node.
We successfully created boot floppies, and a second stage image.

However, when we boot with the floppy the eepro100 driver refuses to load,
and gives us undefined symbol errors.

>From what I have read (and I have read all the documents on the Scyld site),
it appears that the eepro100 loads as part of the second stage boot, but if
that is the case, how does the system manage to retrieve the second stage
boot from the Master node. Since I don't completely understand how all this
works yet, I'm probably reading things wrong, but I would like to understand

Anyway, any suggestions on how to get the eepro100 working on the slaves
would be greatly appreciated.

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