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Mon Oct 16 22:35:17 EDT 2000

Dear List Persons,

I have posted the images from my ALSC talk as requested by a number of
folks both there and afterwards.  The talk images in .ps and .pdf can be
found on <a href="">Brahma's website</a>.
There are also links to .ps, .pdf and a navigable online version of the
associated paper from the proceedings.  

In keeping with another suggestion, I also submitted an entry for all of
this to the Underground site (I think that this was a very good idea and
hope that the others do this as well).  Note that the ALSC website
aforementioned has the proceedings publication image, but not the actual
images of the talk.  In my case at least, the talk had a number of
interesting figures that weren't available by the paper's deadline
(partly because the systems that they examine hadn't been delivered
yet).  Knowing how these things go, I suspect that the same is true of a
number of other presentations as well.

Finally, there are links on brahma to the <b>cpu-rate</b> program I
used to generate the figures used in the talk, updated to version 0.0.4.
Although there are rpm's (both binary and src) there, I recommend
getting the tarball if you plan to play with it a lot so you can read
the sources, look at the raw data I used to generate the paper's figures
(it is in the tarball), and so forth.  There are also some useful perl
scripts that generate e.g. sweeps of the measure across many vector

Hope somebody finds this useful.


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