Scyld Beowulf and ata/100

Jon Tegner tegner at
Sun Oct 15 03:30:29 EDT 2000


Tried to install Scyld Beowulf on a system using ata/100 controllers. It

works when we boot from floppies or cd, but not when booting from the
hardiest (hangs on LI)

If we are not using Scyld Beowulf the workaround is as follows (we are
using RH 6.2 with 2.2.16-3 and recent updates):

* Boot from floppy with parameters ide2=0x9400,0x9002 (in our case).
* Install new lilo, the one from RH 7.0 -- 21.4.4-10 works, add
append="ide2=0x9400,0x9002" to lilo.conf and run lilo -L.

This is with the standard 2.2.16-3 kernel, if the ata/66 patch is
applied it is not necessary to specify ide2=0x9400,0x9002, but the new
lilo and lilo -L still seem to be required.

I guess the ata/66 patch is applied to the kernel distributed from Scyld

and in order to get it to work for us I GUESS we would have to somehow
install the new lilo and run the lilo -L command. How can we do that on
the nodes?



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