Suggestion : Will we make "Workshop Paper & Presentation DB or links site" in this beowulf site,

Yoon Jae Ho yoon at
Wed Oct 4 21:01:01 EDT 2000

There are many different workshop or Seminar was & will held in many countries. 

but, In reality, many people in the world can't participate in those workshop or Seminar. 

I think, for the people who can't attend in those Seminars, Will you put  the workshop Papers & Presentation Files 

in your homepages or in this beowulf (mailing list) site ?

I think, If we gather & make the so called "Workshop Paper & Presentation DB or links site" in this beowulf site, 

This kind of collection papers is quite differnet approach from the e-journal which need more formal restriction than this 

kind of freely discussion Workshop papers. 

If we gather & make the so called "Workshop Paper & Presentation DB or links site" in this beowulf site,  Many people 

will be gather the information more easily & learn from them . 

>From Yoon Jae Ho

P.S : I suggsted so called "Benchmark DB" like for the beowulf clusters  few months ago.
         but I don't see many progresses from this beowulf site. 
         Will you tell me who run the "Benchmark DB" now ?
         and if someone run the "Benchmark DB", Will it be linked in this ?
         or Will the (Scyld) make the "Benchmark DB" for the beowulfian in the world ?  
         If Scyld have any intention to make a "Benchmark DB" in this beowulf, 
         Will Scyld allow me make a korean Scyld Branch, and make a "Benchmark DB" there & link it to the beowulf list ?   
         Thank you

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Sent: Thursday, October 05, 2000 6:01 AM
Subject: One-day workshop on building commodity clusters

>          Cluster-building workshop
> High Performance Computing program at the National Research 
> Council of Canada organizes a one day workshop devoted to 
> building computer clusters out of commodity components. 
> The workshop is targeted at scientists and engineers who 
> use computing as an everyday research tools and are 
> considering clusters as an cost-effective option for their computing needs. 
> Representatives of the leading providers of Linux and clustering 
> solutions as well as Canadian academic and government cluster 
> users will share their knowledge and experiences. 
> The workshop's website is at 
> Marcin Kolbuszewski
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> --
> High Performance Computing Group             Coordination Office    
> Institute for Information Technology Association    
> National Research Council of Canada
> Rm 286, M-50, 1500 Montreal Road             tel 613-998-7749
> Ottawa, Canada                               fax 613-998-5400
> K1A 0R6                                      e-mail
> Marcin.Kolbuszewski at
>           PROGRAM
> One-day workshop on building commodity clusters
> 17 November 2000, Ottawa, Ontario
> National Research Council of Canada
> Sussex Laboratories
> 100 Sussex Drive
> Organized by the internal High Performance Computing Program at the National
> Research Council of Canada. Contact ihpc at for more information
> Schedule:
> 8:45 - 9:00am *Opening addresses 
> Dr. John Tse, Dr. Roger Impey, co-chairs of the iHPC program, NRC 
> 9:00 - 9:45am Overview of Intel and Alpha based clusters 
> Stephen Fried, Microway Inc. 
> 9:45-10:30 Overview of high speed interconnects 
> Keith Murphy and Tim Wilcox, Dolphin Interconnect AS 
> 10:30-10:45 Coffee break 
> 10:45-11:30 *Parallel computing on Linux clusters using Fortran, C and C++ 
> compilers and tools from The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI) 
> Douglas Miles, Portland Group International 
> 11:30-12:15 *Question and answer session with three invited speakers 
> 12:15-13:15 Lunch 
> 13:15-13:45 *THOR - A Multi-purpose Commodity Component Supercomputer 
> Prof. James Pinfold, University of Alberta 
> 13:45-14:15 *Chemical Supercomputing on the cheap: Cobalt cluster 
> Dr.Serguei Patchkovskii, University of Calgary 
> 14:15-14:45 *Application of Cluster Technology to BioInformatics 
> Jacek Nowak, Plant Biotechnology Institute, NRC 
> 14:45-15:00 Coffee break 
> 15;00-15:30 Intel cluster with Wulfkits for CFD at ICPET 
> Ron Jerome, Institute for Chemical Process and Environmental Technology, NRC
> 15:30-16:00 *Aerodynamic CFD Discovers Cluster Computing 
> Dr. Jerry Syms, Institute for Aerodynamic Research, NRC 
> 16:00-16:30 *Using PBS 
> Dr. Gabriel MateescuResarch Computing Support Group, NRC 
> 16:30-17:00 *Performance of Linux Clusters Compared to Some Traditional RISC
> Multiprocessor Systems 
> Dr. Douglas Ritchie, Resarch Computing Support Group, NRC 
> 17:00 Closing comments 
> * indicates confirmed titles 
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