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Mon Oct 2 11:46:30 EDT 2000

Hello, I got a Linux Pc farm of 80 PCs.
Using the hardware switch is really uncomfortable so I decided to search
for a proper software but I cannot find it anywhere.
I need a software which can allow me to open multiple windows on one
terminal like the screen GNU software does but I am not interested in
having a shell spawned. I am interested that every new window opened on my
console terminal spawns a ssh or telnet process to one machine of my Linux
cluster and i want t oswitch between one connactoin to another.
Does a software like this exist already in the Beowulf software ??
I Tryed to search for something like this but I did not find anything.
Could someone give me some hint about if such a thing exists within the
Beowulf project??
thank you a lot.


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