beoserv not seeing RARP

Rocky McGaugh rmcgaugh at
Thu Nov 30 13:15:00 EST 2000

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000, Yoon Jae Ho wrote:

> first, How can I use beoMPI ?
> I mean I installed the mpich (not beoMPI) in the master node.
> and added the "machines.LINUX" file to & for two node.
> but it seems does not work. and I don't know how to use beoMPI. 
> I think we need manual for the beoMPI using. 
> In those manual there must be the article how to install & use mpich or LAM or MAUI, PBS, DQS setup in the beowulf-2.
> I need your help about beoMPI.
> Thank you
> Yoon Jae Ho
>  Economist
>      Korea Beowulf

BeoMPI is MPICH. It's the MPICH that has been modified to work with
bproc for use on the beowulf2.

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