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Mon Nov 6 11:04:33 EST 2000

On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> > These days hard disks are cheap and it is not unusual to have more
> > space on the nodes than what is needed for the system. And if the
> > users require lots of space (and if the number of nodes is not too
> > large) I was wondering if it is a bad idea to mount a "home" partition
> > from every node to all other nodes in the system? 

I am facing the same issue these days. but with the difference that my machine
will be used as a COW and not as a "real" Beowulf. Thus having the same /home
everywhere will really be convenient.

>From what I understand, nowadays there are at least four options viable on
Linux systems:

2) OpenAFS
3) Coda
4) none of the above. turn a machine into an NFS server  

Is anyone willing to comment on the virtues/drawbacks of these solutions in a
COW environment? (or to point me to references where this comparison is made?)

> > Also, now that openafs has been released
> AFS has some very good features, but it also has some very evil ones.
> Regarding your primary idea, you might look into pvfs.  

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