The PS2 Cluster Project - WULFSTATION !!!

JP Navarro navarro at
Sun Dec 24 11:52:20 EST 2000

It appears the issue with Sony is that they really don't make money 
selling the PS2 hardware (maybe loose money?). Since the $$$ is in the 
games/software, why sell a lot hardware that won't use your software?

But, if you don't care whether Sony makes money, it's unbeatable on 
price/performance... That in and of its self is reason enough to do it!


Eugene.Leitl at wrote:

> Cyrus wrote:
>> I'as recently going through the net, figuring out
>> whats actually cooking with the new Sony PS2. and
>> voila ... i came across the "WULFSTATION CLUSTER
>> PROJECT" []
>> and then i ask .... WHY ?
> It turned out it wasn't all that great idea after all,
> especially as Sony has turned out to be not even
> indifferent but hostile to it.
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