Serverworks LE versus VIA Chipset

Dave Leimbach dleimbac at MPI-Softtech.Com
Fri Dec 22 08:10:09 EST 2000

Actually there was an article an /. not too long ago about how PS2's have
export restrictions due to the massive computing power stored within.

I haven't seen the specs for a PS2 so I won't say its true or not.  I just
remember the old article saying that it was feared they might be used for
weapons research which is exactly what /. claims Iraq is doing.

Could be true... screweyer stuff has happened..


On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Ken wrote:

> Actually, if you beleive NBC news, we should all be using Play Station
> 2's.  They actually had someone on saying that the PS2's are "1000 times
> more powerfull than any desk top computer".  I may have the quote a
> little wrong, but that was pretty much what he said.
> I was a little skeptical when Slashdot pointed to a story about Iraq
> building PS2 clusters to get around the sanction on computer equipment
> but who am I to argue with NBC?  ;-)
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