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Ray Muno muno at
Mon Dec 11 10:02:28 EST 2000

We are currently looking at different ServerWorks based boards for dual
CPU cluster nodes.

Is the STREAM info available for different boards?  

We have access to 3 different ServerWorks machines right now, a 370DER HE-SL,
an Intel STL2 (LE) and a Dell Poweredge 1400 (SE).

They are dual CPU machines.  At the moment, we do not find the the HE-SL
buys us anything with the codes we have run (actual CFD codes we run locally).

If I want to run the STREAM benchmark, does anyone have any pointers? 
We only have access to the 370DER machine for a few days so we would like
to gather as much info as possible.

As an aside, does anyone have any comments on the Intel STL2.  For all the 
ServerWorks traffic, I have not seen much mention of this board. It is 
interesting to us since it appears to have the ability to control it from
the serial port (EMP port in Intels docs).  I would like to have access
to the BIOS over the serial port and this is not something I see mention
of from other manufacturers. 

On Sun, Dec 10, 2000 at 05:08:43PM -0500, Greg Lindahl wrote:
> > Alternatively, it has been suggested to me that I should consider the
> > Supermicro 6010H 1U solution, which uses the 370 DER board with
> > ServerWorks III HE-SL chipset.  Apparently, this motherboard has 2X
> > bandwidth to memory,
> Beware salesmen -- we've never seen a STREAM benchmark result which shows
> the additional bandwidth. Salesmen tend to quote theoretical peak memory
> bandwidths even if no program can get the benefit.
> -- g
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